Digital sciences in Pays de la Loire Skills for developing future uses

What is Atlanstic 2020 ?

Atlanstic 2020 brings together the regional digital sciences ecosystem to :

·         Rise to the challenges of the digital revolution

·         Improve visibility and increase attractiveness of the digital sector in Pays de la Loire

·         Meet the high demand for workers in this sector

To this end, it brings together Research, Training, and Innovation, giving each component specific goals.

Six areas of strategic innovation

To effectively face the challenges of economic development, six areas of strategic innovation have been identified. These areas are real links between regional academic and industry expertise. The emergence of new markets and practices and will form the main objectives of the Atlanstic 2020 programme.

A sector committed to innovation

In today’s world, almost everybody has heard about the digital economy. Its emergence has revolutionised access to information, transformed daily life and shaken up the ranks of several economic sectors, such as transport and tourism

Digital sciences lie at the heart of this revolution

The project’s partners in the Loire region and Brittany will play their role in this digital revolution by combining their skills and benefitting from the potential of :

  • 500 lecturer-researchers
  • 3 500 new graduates each year
  • 33 400 jobs
  • 6 200 companies
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