Innovation Driving change in business !

The digital revolution brings with it a whole host of advantages for companies ready to embrace change. The emergence of innovative services, whether they are customised, collaborative or simply more practical, will create new business models and will radically change most business sectors.

In parallel, the rise of digital technologies will facilitate interactions between stakeholders and optimize decision-making and production processes, irreversibly changing the way in which consumers and companies find out information, communicate, manufacture and do business.


Three globally-oriented competitiveness clusters encouraging companies to be innovative

Competitiveness clusters support innovators in their projects and facilitate meetings between researchers, industrial figures and funders to collectively develop technologies, practices and markets. These ambitious objectives will be achieved through a strong network in the Brittany and Pays de la Loire region, our partners in the clusters, the professionals working on the economic development of the region and beyond through member involvement (industrial, VSEs, SMEs and large organizations, as well as research and training stakeholders).

AtlanSTIC 2020 aims to encourage businesses in Pays de la Loire

to seize the opportunities offered by digital technologies and to support them through their transformation by strengthening multi-skill development around five themes :

·         Steering of the digital factory of the future

·         Large-scale management of information and knowledge

·         Embedded ICT and ambient intelligence

·         ICT and living organisms

·         Practices and services of intelligent and creative cities




To successfully reach this objective

it is crucial to make use of a continuum of cooperative research activities, training and the end requirements of the target industry.

AtlanSTIC 2020 will :


the activities and networking of digital stakeholders and market segments, buyers and subcontractors


the promotion and visibility of the skills in Western France

 Support coordinated innovation, particularly to encourage student entrepreneurship

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