Research Inventing tomorrow’s world

One ambition : to grow !


By extending the CNRS AtlanSTIC federation, the academic bodies involved are aiming for growth within Europe and internationally in computer science and cybernetics in five areas of expertise :

Data science / Complex systems / Content and interactions / Software science / Robotics



To achieve this growth, three principal objectives will be pursued to strengthen coordination between laboratories :

Increasing the visibility of researcher-lecturers (by obtaining ERC grants, for example)

Attracting and recruiting researchers working on AtlanSTIC 2020 themes

Developing international academic mobility for both outgoing and incoming lecturers


Four cutting-edge research laboratories

Sharing research with the business world

This research should not just stay in the labs !

Atlanstic 2020 is committed to developing the link between digital practices and markets, in particular through interdisciplinary and collaborative research where the following meet :

Mechanics/Electronics/Energy/Health/Social sciences and humanities/Education